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Fairy’s name: Crystal Watershimmer 😉

D-name: happyfairy27 (I don’t know why I chose it and there’s a pretty short story behind it.)

Friends: Pretty much any pixie who isn’t rude. 😉

Best friends: Sapphire Rainymist, Minerva Grace, Marigold Sunjewel, Elva Aspenpetal and Julie

Fairy’s level (Before PH closed): 16……it isn’t much I know but I didn’t get time to play many games the closure notice came up and I wanted to enjoy member facilities.

Fairy’s talent: Water talent just like Sapphire and Minerva 😉

Mentor: Silvermist or Sil

Troop: I never really got to be in a troop but after the closure notice came up i bought a butterfly troop T-shirt. I never attended a troop meeting

Arrival date: 18th June 2013

Pet: A Purple Butterfly

Pet’s Name: RoseHeart ♥

Favorite color: Royal Purple and Royal Blue

Favorite food: Blueberry Pie

Favorite animal: Horses

Favorite flower: Roses, especially the red and pink ones

Likes: Exploring, Making new friends, changing hairstyles

Dislikes: Show-offs and Cheaters

Favorite shop\s: Queen’s boutique, Pixie Post Office and Prism’s Pixie Spa

Favorite badge: Um……I did not earn many badges but the one with the 50 friends was cool

Favorite meadow: Havendish Square

Favorite game/s: Pass the Popcorn, Simone Says and Crazy Cakes

Favorite event/s: Well, I only got to attend one event, which is, Camp Pixie Dust, so that should be my fave.

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