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  1. Everybody, should I close my blog or leave forever ?

  2. How do I register for fairy abc it doesnt 403 anymore but it just says login

  3. Everyone. They are working on fairy abc i wrote them. No word on when it will reopen. The demo account is (it 404s cause they are working on it) Username: less Pass: ifairy. You can not register, registration is closed for now but you can register soon. It wont be exactly like the original hollow but it will be close.

  4. I do not know if it is the website or my computer, but whenever i try to go on fairyabc, it says not found.

  5. How long is soon? 😛

  6. Your welcome. Also one of the features that they just added is the create a fairy feature.

    • fantageawesome6

      Yea, but now it says this when you try to create a fairy: Please dont create accounts as we are still working on the user registeration system, you will not be able to create your fairy if you register now!!!!! i will post a notification when it is ready,And users registered before that will be removed, sorry

  7. Faith Rainbow Heart

    Fairy Abc is OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! But you cant register right now. You have to right click to see more of the meadows. Dont go into chilly falls right now you cant to anything.

  8. Faith Rainbow Heart

    ITS CLOSED. They’re “Working on it” to quote the site.

  9. yes there saying working on it whene are they open

  10. Fairy abc is up! And an update is close to done so expect snowy lullaby, storage, and homes when it arrives!

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