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 Jade’s Arrival

Made by: Jade Vanillaflash, a water talent fairy.

Dedicated to: Everybody that is awesome enough to read my story. 🙂


Chapter 1


The worried mother waited. Where was her daughter? She couldn’t lose her newborn daughter. Not her first child. She heard a doctor murmuring to her husband. The mother bowed her head down. Was the child still alive? Her hospital door opened, and a pretty nurse came in with a small pink bundle in her arms. The mother gasped joyously, and picked up the baby.
Something was wrong.
The baby was breathing, but her eyes were shut and there was no motion besides the rise and fall of her chest.
“Sweetie?” the mother asked.
Just quiet breathing. The mother made a small sob.
“Is she in a coma of some sort?”
“Perhaps. She was unconscious when she was pulled out. I’m not sure. It’s only been 8 hours. Maybe she’s asleep.”
The mother looked at the child. The child shuddered. And she opened her eyes.
The child’s eyes were the most beautiful Jade green you had ever seen. The baby let out a soft giggle. That was all.
“Her name is Jade.”
No human saw the small sprite of light that came out of Jade’s mouth. Nor did anyone see the sprite float about, to a place called Neverland. The laugh got caught into a white daisy. The daisy fluttered toward Neverland. Kiera the dust talent had been fluttering about, starting her morning, when she saw the white daisy. She watched the daisy flit towards the pixie dust tree.
Word spread fast. Was there a new arrival? Everyone gathered around the pixie dust tree. Kiera gently poured the pixie dust on the flower. A fairy rose up. She was fully clothed like everyone else had been during their arrival. She had long plum hair, glistening purple eyes, a daisy skirt, a leaf wrap, a peaked headband, and a bracelet and anklet with three straps, her outfit all tied together with soft white flower slippers. Her clothes were white, but would change colors once she found her talent. The fairy frowned softly.
A beautiful woman with wings, clad in a golden gown, gently flew down.
“Hello. Welcome to pixie Hollow. My name is Queen Clarion. Now, let’s find your talent.”

The fairy tilted her head softly. A talent? She wondered. 5 mushrooms rose up around her. A glowing ball of light. A hammer of stone and wood. An animal paw. A beautiful flower. A glowing blue water ball. The fairy stepped towards the hammer. She picked it up. For a fleeting second, her clothes glowed green, then the hammer grew extremely heavy, and the fairy let out a soft cry. The fairy’s clothes grew white. She stepped to the light ball. She noticed her clothes were turning yellow. She tapped the light ball. The light disappeared. She sighed. The animal paw withered in her grasp. The flower wilted with just a small tap. She looked to the water ball. This must be it. A fairy can’t be talentless, right?
The pixie held the water ball gently. She thought It’s going to splash at my feet, I know it. The ball held its form though. It glowed brightly. The fairy smiled softly. A leaf list was handed to her. The fairy looked up at the Queen.
“Go on, pick a name.”
The fairy looked carefully through the list. She thought about the beautiful Jade green of the water bubble, reflecting because of the pixie dust. She chose the first name Jade. She thought about a last name, and the smell of Vanilla wafted through her nose. She thought about the flash of light that had come with the water bubble. VanillaFlash. She spoke.
“Jade VanillaFlash.”
The queen smiled. A beautiful fairy with shiny black hair and a lily dress flew to Jade.
“I’m Silvermist. I’m your mentor. A mentor is a person that trains someone, and I train the water talents.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Now, go explore. I’ll see you later for your first quest.”
“Ok! Thank you.”
Jade flew away to explore Pixie Hollow…


Chapter 2


Jade flew around to an area called Dewdrop Vale. She saw something interesting. Some fairies were pretty, with long hair, and pretty clothes, but the patterns were so simple. Jade saw other fairies, with the long hairstyles, but much more beautiful clothes, like elegant skirts. This was how to tell members from non-members, although Jade didn’t know at the time.

Overall, Jade couldn’t tell the difference. She saw a sign with Silvermist’s face, and a shop called Brook’s Basics. Jade flew in the shop and looked around. She saw a simple skirt, top, belt, and shoes in different colors. Jade flew to a section labeled “Water talent” The outfit was in blue. Jade didn’t have any ingredients. Embarrassed, she flew out and saw raspberries and blueberries and water lilies. She picked some, and started flying around to different meadows, looking for more ingredients. When she finally had enough for a skirt, top, belt, and shoes, she had covered all of spring and summer, every nook and cranny. When Jade flew back, she bought her clothes, and switched out her shirt. She flew out of the shop to Dewdrop Vale. There.

She looked around, and frowned. There was a pretty fairy, with platinum blonde hair, a very short fancy blue and white skirt, and a pink short top that exposed her stomach. She had pink tinted wings. She was with a huge group of gorgeous fairies. All of the fairies with simpler clothes quickly looked away. The gorgeous fairy looked around and saw Jade. She looked Jade right in the eye. Jade was surprised, but was somewhat defiant, and stared the girl back. The girl giggled and her little posse tittered with her. Jade leaned slightly back, confused.


Lavender Rosepetal

Lavender Rosepetal


“Where’s your membership badge?”


“Oh…you must be new. And you’re…”

She scoffed in disgust.

“A free flyer.” She said, her voice dripping with distaste. Jade recoiled, surprised by the harshness of the girl.

“Listen, you must be new here. I’m Lavender Rosepetal. So, let’s explain. Members are rich and pretty, unlike you free fliers. MEMBERS get to shop everywhere. MEMBERS get to do quests. And we are so much better than you.”

“We’re hardly any different.”

Jade’s eyes nearly watered over. She frowned angrily. She wiped her eyes, and the tears collected into a small bubble. Enraged, she flung the bubble at Lavender. It wet a little bit of her hair. Lavender shrieked.

“Sahara! Punish her!”

A pretty water talent with all blue clothes gathered a water bubble from Havendish? Yeah, Havendish stream and flung it at Jade. Jade was unprepared and shrieked. She was flying, and the water knocked her wings and sent her to the ground. Jade delicately touched her wet wings. Lavender and her group flew away. Jade started to sob.

Sahara Moonlily

Sahara Moonlily



  1. Jade VanillaFlash

    oh my cookies Thanks Sapphire for posting this!

  2. Minerva has the same story Sap

  3. Oh now that I think of it I think Jade wrote that story !! 😛

  4. I always wanted to say this Jade. This story is fantabulous 😀

  5. I admit I was mistakened . Because I saw something similar on Minerva’s blog and I thought u copied it.

  6. JulieMistyFreeze

    awww this is cute too!!

  7. Hey Julie if you’re gonna stay I bet we’ll be happy to show u around

  8. Hey Jade, Nice script.

  9. Nice! I like the second chapter a lot!

  10. part two? :3 i would like to see the mean members get punished too this is just a suggestion :3

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