Want to help?

I know a lot of us STILL want to help save Pixie Hollow. But most of us has given up because it’s WAY past January, right? Well, I found some ways for all of us to help.

First of all, we think that all the petitions are closed. Nope, there’s still one that’s up for signing! Yay! Here’s the link:


Second, there are people aiming to recreate Pixie Hollow into a site called Fairy ABC. Here’s the link to their petition:


Don’t just depend on others. Do what you can. Every single person counts!!

Third, email Robert Iger, that man who closed Pixie Hollow. Here is his address: Robert.a.iger@Disney.com

I’ll try to find out more how you can help, soon!

But most importantly, don’t lose faith in the hollow. Some may think that this isn’t useful, but mark my words, it IS useful! There is no other great way of expressing your support on PH than believing that it will come back! No matter how long it is closed, don’t give up, and don’t let those PH memories go to waste. 🙂

  1. I was gonna make a pettoin but it was too hard . nice

  2. I did it but I don’t think it will help much. I’m sort of starting to give up on PH. 😦

  3. Well Sap, if we reach 10,000 signatures, then the U.S. Government HAS to do something about it. But, you see, I really don’t think we will ever reach 10,000 signatures. We only have 2,500+, seven months after Pixie Hollow’s closure. People are not signing them anymore and the hope has almost died down. 😦

  4. Sorry but I hate to say it but my hope is dying down .

  5. Check ur mail its imortant sap!

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