Your Disney Fairy and talent!

If you don’t have any idea on what talent would you like to choose for Pixie Hollow (UK and Australia version), this could be your guide!

Click on it to see a larger image. 🙂

(Note: There is no winter talent, fast-flying talent and pixie dust talent. If you end up with any of these three, here are your ideal choices.)

If you get….

Periwinkle (Frost fairy)—- Most ideally, you can be a WATER talent.

Vidia (Fast-flying fairy)—– You can be an ANIMAL talent.

Terrence (Pixie dust fairy)—- You can be a LIGHT talent.

But, you don’t really need to follow these. If you end up with something you don’t like, it’s okay! The important thing is, follow your heart. 😀


P.S. I’m just really curious so…




(Picture courtesy of: Sarah Diamondswirls)

  1. I’m either Peri or Sil… Figures.

  2. Sapphire Rainymist

    Yup, you are a water fairy, anyway. 🙂

  3. Mine is Fawn

  4. Just saying, but Peri is a Frost Fairy.

  5. Lucy Sweetshine

    I got Iridessa, which is great because I’m a light-talent fairy too!

  6. Vidia ( I would be a fast flying fairy if that was an option)

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