About Sapphire


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Name: Sapphire Rainymist

D-name: Silverwinkle3121 (It’s a mix of Silvermist and Periwinkle)

Fun Fact: My name was originally Sapphire Raintwinkle, but I soon deleted that fairy and made Sapphire Rainymist.

Friends: Everyone I know!!

Best friends: Crystal Watershimmer, Minerva, Sarah Diamondswirls, Elva Aspenpetal, Julie, Helen Twinkleflower, Primrose Cloudsplash, Joy and a lot lot lot lot more. 😉

Level: 16 (Before PH closed.)

Arrival day: August 31, 2010

Talent: Water 

Troop: Otter

Mentor: Silvermist

Member or Non-member: Member, but I have tried being a non-member.

Age: Third-year fairy

Pet: Hummingbird (The dark blue one)

Pet’s name: Merryspring

Favorite color: Royal Purple

Favorite food: Anything sweet!

Favorite flower: Water Lily

Favorite animal: Dolphin

Likes: Ice Skating

Dislikes: Show-offs

Fears: Aphids. For some reason, I’m not a fan of things lingering around vegetables.

Favorite badge: Fairy Writer (Yes, I tried writing.)

Favorite shop\s: Pixie Post Office (PPO), Summit Style and Queen’s Boutique

Favorite game\s: Pass the Popcorn, Simone Says, Snowy Lullaby, Animal Derby and Butterfly Painter.

Favorite event\s: Silly Days 😛

I am a guest author on the following blogs: Minerva’s blogCrystal’s blogSarah’s blog and Elva’s blog


Email me at: sapphirerainymist@gmail.com