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The Banner

Here’s my official banner for the celebration…More stuff coming soon! 🙂


-Sapphire ❤


It’s The First Pixie Hollow Reunion Today!

So…I am very, very aware that I haven’t been posting lately. Sometimes I am very guilty that I haven’t been posting, I just refuse to look at my blog stats.

But today is an important day. A VERY important day. Why?

Because today is Pixie Hollow’s First Closing Anniversary!!

Since I live in the totally east side of the world, I have decided to celebrate this celebration until Sunday, September 21.  I did this so that everyone can enjoy this celebration longer.

I am still preparing some things for the celebration (which I will post later on) but here’s something to keep you occupied. The lovely Jade Vanillaflash made a beautiful poem about Pixie Hollow. Isn’t it nice? 🙂

Pixie Hollow

In 2008, in the blink of an eye,

An option came up, to create a fairy and fly!

In 2009, the meadows were small and sweet,

Yet flying around was still a treat.

In 2010, create a fairy changed,

So now people had one fairy to play.

In 2011, some fairies decided to move away,

To make room for sparrow men to play.

In 2012, Meadows were crowded,

But hey, that means people knew all about it!

In 2013, our fate sank with a plop!

As a terrible green board sat at the top.

“Disney Pixie Hollow will close on September 19th”

We refused to give up, working from August 19th,

For our fate shall not be sealed.

But we lost the battle, out Hollow all gone

Yet we kept our hopes up, as we could’ve won.

In 2014, our hopes diminished,

But Pixie Hollow should live in a great big finish!

So we host a reunion, remember it in our hearts,

for Pixie Hollow and us, will never be apart.

Anyway, the official venue for the Reunion is at Minerva’s chat box, which is located here. Please try to use English so all of us could understand. :3


The Pixie Hollow Reunion

Great idea, Sarah! 🙂

Sarah's Adventures

Hello yet again, Pixie Pals! As you all are know, we are gearing for an ultimate reunion which would start on the 19th of September, that is Pixie Hollow’s 1st closure anniversary. We want to rekindle our friendships and revive our community. I have decided on this name- “The Pixie Hollow Reunion“. Credits to the awesome Marigold Sunjewel, for choosing the name. She is one of the most active pixies around, and is always lending a helping hand to others. 🙂 This reunion or get together would span around a few days, so that anyone willing to come can join. I think it could stretch around 3-4 days for everyone’s convenience. Now, we need to decide on a few essential things. I am a little perturbed, since there are a few days left for the ‘celebration’, but I hope we figure things out. We need each others’…

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There’s always a ‘however’ to every story..

Okay, I know I said I was gonna start posting regularly from Friday, right?

However, I have to start training for my local badminton AND swimming competition. It was supposed to be two weeks from now, but unexpectedly, they moved it to THIS WEEK. I came totally unprepared.

So, I’m really sorry, but I can’t post. This year is really a busy year for me since I’m going to graduate, so now my time is more limited. But you can still contact me through email..

– Sapphire ❤

I’m back! (Maybe?)

Hey everybody! I’m back! And feeling so guilty for not posting so long.

Good thing I have no classes today, but I’ve been busy with A LOT of things lately..

  1. School, A Mathematics Program and Drawing Classes
  2. Watching Sailor Moon Crystal
  3. Making loom bands (Every once in a while)
  4. Recovering from a lot of headaches thanks to factorising and calculating formulas of numbers in my Math Program

But don’t worry, I guess I still have time to email my friends.. 🙂

By now, maybe some of you have noticed that I deleted the ‘My Story’ page. It’s not permanently deleted, because I just changed it into a draft. I plan to finish the story before I publish it, and I’d say that it would take MONTHS for it to finish. 😦

My classes start tomorrow, so yes, I won’t be able to post. But I guess I can manage to start posting regularly starting this Friday or Saturday.

So, if you have anything to tell me, you can email me at I also play some online worlds like Worlize (which you might already know) and Pottermore, so you can meet me there.

By the way, look at this awesome illusion I found…Share it with your friends 😀




Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Sapphire ❤