Any PH hints?

Leave us a comment on what you know about Pixie Hollow’s fate, or anything that can be a clue to Pixie Hollow. Every single detail counts, so speak up your voice!

  1. Well I found a website that says create a fairy and fly so I clicked on it I just kept loading until it finally said oops could not load web page so they must have probloms loading the pages so once they figure it out I belive it will come back and in another site it said pixie hollow is opening 2/28/14 it might but it didn’t I belive it just will come back soon I don’t care how long just if it opens

  2. Um Here r a few….
    -The loading page still works.. Link:
    -The forgot your password page still Works..
    -The site FAQs page is still their, while the other games are completely GONE.. Link:
    – Site is in pieces.. Link:
    – Forgot your username page is still up, click on the link that is emailed to you and you can see that all your accounts are still saved 🙂 LINK:

  3. oh and this! the ph website 🙂 just on a different link 😀

  4. Hi Sean I haven’t seen you around here. U new ? 🙂

  5. Invitations are sent to these pixies, plz do accept if you agree.

  6. I hate to be rude, but the truth is, pixie hollow is never coming back unless a third party creates it. Even the uk pixie hollow is shut down.

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