Pixie Salvation Soldiers

This is where you find the list of PSS members, some with their reasons of being a PSS.


Blue words– Water talents

Brown words– Animal talents

Orange words– Light talents

Pink words– Garden talents

Green words– Tinker talents

Black words- Unknown talent (Means that I don’t know what their talents are.)


Pixie Salvation Soldiers


~ Marigold Sunjewel (Founder of the PSS.)

~ Sapphire Rainymist

~ Crystal Watershimmer

~ Elva Aspenpetal

~ Julie

~ Sarah Diamondswirls

~ Minerva Grace

~ Jade Vanillaflash

~ Crystal Airshine

~ Daphne Moondrop

~ Vanessa Magicmoon

~ Sunrise Starbeam

~ Joy Twinklebell

~ Julie Mistyfreeze

~ Marigold Glitterflower

~ Diane

~ Melody Glittershimmer (Melissa)

~ Melanie Winterglimmer

~ Rose

~ Holly Rosepetal

~ Autumn Cozyheart

~ Opal Brightbreeze

~ Helen Twinkleflower

~ Jill Dustyfreeze

~ Ashley Diamondstone

~ Sunshine Starbeam 

~ Honey Rosepetal

~ Lynn

~ Luna

~ Persimmon

~ Vanessa

~ Violet

~ Penelope

~ Lavender Rosepetal

~ Sahara Moonlily

~ Posy Islandlily 

~ Jenny Beautymoon

~ Jenny Lotusbell

~ Silklily

~ Ruby Moonflame

~ Aaron Chillyspark

~ Onyx Brightlight

~ Primrose Cloudsplash 

~ Pepperstream

~ Lucy Sweetshine

– Every day she misses Pixie Hollow and wishes for it to come back with all her heart.

~ Faith

~ Chase 

If your name is not here, please notify me through the comments so I can add you. If you also want to add a reason why you joined the PSS, then you can leave me a comment too I’ll add it to the page. 🙂


[Credit to: Jade Vanillaflash, Elva Aspenpetal and Marigold Sunjewel.]

  1. Jade VanillaFlash

    Also add Lynn, Vanessa, Luna, Lavender Rosepetal, Sahara Moonlily, Posy Islandlily, Violet, Penelope, and Persimmon.

  2. Wow !! I only remember one of my friends in PH

  3. Great page Sap! I know Jade had that post on my blog but since it was rendered inactive well… This is a great way to keep all the Pixie Salvation Soldiers together!

  4. Please add: Sunshine Starbeam (light talent) and Honey Rosepetal to the army!

  5. Good working, General.
    I just love the post.

  6. juliemistyfreeze

    Could you add my sister Jill Dustyfreeze Light talent and our best friend Ashlee DiamondStone Garden.

  7. Thanks for doing this, Sapphire 🙂
    You can add next to my name that I’m the founder of P.S.S. 😉

  8. Add them
    Water- Jenny Beautymoon, Jenny Lotusbell
    Garden-Silklily, Ruby Moonflame
    Animal- Aaron Chillyspark

  9. Amazing! The idea of adding the color coded system is great. 😀

  10. Animal Talent- Pepperstream

  11. Lucy Sweetshine

    Can I sign up? I’m Lucy Sweetshine and I’m a light-talent fairy. There’s not a single day when I don’t miss Pixie Hollow with all my heart and wish for it to come back.

  12. Jade VanillaFlash

    I have two more names. An animal talent named Faith, and a tinker named Chase (he’s a sparrow man) (Chase is my friend, Faith is one of mine)

  13. Um…….guys, do these pixies and sparrowmen know that their names are put here, in this list?
    And, I don’t think if a person has three fairies in ONE account, all the THREE fairies should be counted…….

  14. But technically, all the THREE fairies or sparrowmen are owned by the SAME person, so it’s stupid to think or believe that there are so many names because 3 multiplied by, say, 5 is 15 and that will be……… I dunno, wrong and people will develop a misunderstanding that there are so many ppl who are fighting for the Hollow

  15. Yes Sap, that would be great. And there will be no misunderstandings 🙂

  16. Heather-Tinker
    Wonders every day if Pixie Hollow will come back


    (heather is my fairy, mica is my friend)

  17. Im real sad that pixie hollow is not up anymore. Also when I go on into the fairyabc i created an acount but it says the game is still under recreation so we can’t log in… real real sad now

  18. Add Rose (thebellsare12345)
    Add the dname too so we don’t get confused.

  19. Oh and Rose is a garden talent.

  20. Jade and Dustin

    My fairy’s name was Jade and she was an animal talent. My sparrow’s name was Dustin and i forgot what talent he was. i hope someone remembers them. Jade had long, red hair, blue eyes, the heart tattoo on her cheek with the crown , a black and white outfit with a guitar and knee high shoes. My sparrow had black hair, black eyes, black and white outfit with a beany.

  21. can you add my fairy Emma Snowdust? she is a water talent fairy, i played pixie hollow for quite a while and i hope pixie hollow comes back someday.

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